Management who have strong cyber security and IT leadership skills are able to better integrate the different strands of IT and security in an organisation and deliver on its needs and requirements. IT, Cyber Security and Data Protection are an established set of disciplines, defined by the series of steps, practices and procedures used to select, install, secure and maintain technology in business. It covers technology products, services, devices, data and related transactions.

More importantly cyber security today is more than just IT, more than security and more than just technology, it is about people, projects, services and strategic planning to ensure a business is able to steer securely through cyberspace while making profit.

Effective training in cyber security, data protection for management and non managers will enable organizations to succeed through improved governance, financial management and risk analysis.  Staying ahead of the competitive curve with the latest management practices will enable an organization to gain an additional competitive advantage. That is the value proposition which our programs in the cybersecurity and data protection promise to deliver. For a list of these programs, please refer to the schedule below. Alternatively, for more information about the category or any of its programs, please contact us and we will be more than glad to assist.

Name of CourseDaysAvailability
Cyber Incident Response – Essentials1Yes
Cyber Incident Response – advanced3In Progress
Cyber Security Essentials for Business Executives1Yes
Cyber Business Executive5In Progress
Data Protection Officer3In Progress
Data Privacy Training for Executives1In Progress
DPO Bootcamp6In Progress