Why Do Employees Have To Be Trained In Data Protection

Data Protection

In the previous years, people weren’t really concerned about IT security, particularly at the corporate level. However, as the number of cyber attacks targeting small and large businesses began to increase, data security emerged as a heated debate. Eventually, we witnessed the GDPR rules becoming more robust. One of the important rules of GPDR is to train the staff well regarding IT security. Since compliance with GDPR is now a requisite, almost all enterprises have become worried about training their employees.

Training Importance

Now, you may ask, why is it so important to train the staff? Well, a quick look at the most successful cyber attacks on enterprises will make us realize the involvement of the victim firm’s employee(s) to trigger the incident – either intentionally, or, in most cases, unintentionally. Since the staff is ignorant of the significance of data protection, leaving laptops unattended, abandoned, unlocked, or leaving accounts logged-in to the company’s networks is common. Sometimes, they do not even know much about email security. That’s why GDPR has made it necessary to train the staff with respect to data security so as to minimize security threats.

Training Process

At the beginning of the training process, you may face some trouble. For example, when you convince your staff to use VPNs whenever they connect to the company’s data storage, some of your employees having incomplete information about VPNs may ask “how does VPN protect from DDoS”, highlighting towards one of the most common problems faced by your firm’s websites. At this stage, you must ensure training them well about how exactly VPNs work, under what circumstances VPNs combat DDoS and how. Once they realize the important security role of VPNs in the IT infrastructure, you will find them more vigilant in using them than ever before.

The same applies to all other security measures that you employ at your firm. From password security to database security and management, make sure that your employees know the reason behind the implementation of a certain security rule. Perhaps, training your staff well regarding cybersecurity seems the only way to effectively improvise your business security.